Of all the shear sharpeners in the country, only a handful are actually trained and authorized by manufacturers, T.J. Porte is one of the few.

As one of the founders of Sensei Shear Systems, T.J. has received instruction from a number of manufacturers including the manufacturers of Sensei, Fuji, Via and Ra. T.J. Porte Precision Edge provides the only factory authorized service for Sensei and Fuji Shears in Colorado and is one of only six authorized Sensei/Fuji service centers nationwide.

We use the same, professional, factory equipment the manufacturers use. The difference in quality you experience from Precision Edge is the difference that comes with factory training, factory equipment and over 30 years of experience.

We offer exceptional sharpening on all shears.

Water Sharpening - Using large amounts of water, we cool the shear throughout the sharpening process, thereby ensuring that the shear's tempering remains unchanged. Recently, it's become popular to promote Water Sharpening as a "new" process. It isn't new and it isn't an option; it's required and we've been doing it for over 30 years.

Mobile Sharpening - Due to our large local Colorado shear sharpening customer base, we offer the same sharpening using the same professional factory equipment in a mobile van at your salon along the Colorado front range. Please contact us for an appointment.

Shear sharpening is $35 per pair and includes return shipping via UPS ground at no extra charge in the Continental U.S. Charges for expedited shipping and foreign delivery are shown on the individual order forms.

Sharpening Options

  1. Outside the Colorado Front Range: Use your credit card to prepay online and, for an additional $8 we'll email you a prepaid UPS label for your package, you can give your labeled package to any UPS driver, any UPS store or call UPS for a package pick up and your shears will be on their way, hassle free!
  2. Outside the Colorado Front Range: Download our service form to send with your shears and check.
  3. Call us at 303.722.5469 or 800.722.5469 or email us for your local Colorado shear sharpening service request.